1. November 2023

What has happened in October

Well different things happened this, not that it was that much, but let’s dive into it.

Also as you know we normally give a giveaway to some random person on the October,
but this year things had been thought for us, so we couldn’t find the money for it.
We are really sad about this, but what can you really do, sometimes things goes well,
and other times things doesn’t go well, and sadly this time it didn’t goes so well.

We have decided to make some changes this month, and we have decided to go in a different direction.
This means we have been focusing on our Concept work for our characters,
and also focusing on 2 levels for HoE, and this is because of the low-budget we have.

And as you know, the level 3 map aka “Abandoned Seaworld” has been an ongoing “Work in Progress”,
and we do wanna thank you all for your patience, this means,
that we are gonna release the current work we have on the level,
so you all can see what we have been tinkering with.

The Level sequence we did of “Abandoned Seaworld” is not perfect,
but we are still working on it, and cleaning stuff up. So you all get it as it is right now.
Though it is still missing some props and creatures, we are pretty happy with the current result.
Here it is the “Abandoned Seaworld”:

Sadly we don’t have that much more to show or tell on the blog
But hopefully we have more to tell and show for next month.

Also don’t forget that we are still looking for talent, so don’t hesitate to apply to us.

That is it for now.
Zee yaa all next month.