Vivanox was established in 2012, and back in those days,
we were a small team with only three persons: Two Programmers, and one with a idea for a game.

We had alot of ideas for our current game. Though many of those ideas, were to much to handle.
Mainly the ideas keept coming, but no codeing was provided.
That had to changes, before the core of the game, could be build.

After some time, both programmers left the project.

But the idea for the game, was still under development by the last person on the team, who had a dream about this game.
After 3 years, the core of the game was finally build.

And after Vivanox got a trainee for 3 months, things really started to look good.
Different people started to show a interest in the project.
Those different people, gave us from Vivanox Studios moral and financial support, and that has keept us working on the game.

Many of those people, did not have any real experience with codeing or 3D design.
But everybody was willing to lend a hand, and did there best.
Those people, can be found on our credit list.
Even though, that it was a rough build, the maincore of the game works.

And because of that, things has changed for Vivanox.
Vivanox believe in this idea, and because of that idea, a support
department was started.
Which focus on helping people with Windows, Linux, Mac issues, that are hardware or software related.

Because of that support, including donations, Vivanox project are being keept alive.