2. October 2023

What has happened in September

We had some stuff happening this month, but let’s dive into it.

We did mention last month that we were gonna have a new release ready of the game,
which is working but we just had a small thing that we wanted to add on top of it,
and then we bit over a little bit more then we could chew.
So this is what happened.

Finally got our loading section setup, which has been long overdue,
so this means that we are having a background scene for each level,
and showing what players or bots who is joining the game,
and also showing what game-view the players are gonna play,
also added some explanation about the objectives, and also lets not forget tips of day,
of course it will only show a bad picture of each level for now, but it is better than nothing right.

We do have some ideas for concepts for each level, but when that will be ready, we don’t know.
But we are trying to get it worked on, but we cannot give any estimate at given time,
because we are missing a concept artist, preferably a general concept artist,
so if any of you out there is up for the task, then you are always welcome to contact us.

Also we have been contacted by different companies,
that have shown interest in helping us out with certain stuff related to HoE, mainly sales stuff.
But as we have told those different companies, we are not on that stage yet.

Not that we don’t wanna make some kind arrangements etc,
but it wouldn’t make much sense to start that kind of stuff,
not when HoE isn’t ready for that kind of thing yet.

Of course we have a test version of HoE out, that is being updated from time to time,
but as you the community know, we are still far away from our goal.
So we find it as the option that things like that will be put on hold for now.

As we mentioned last month, we were working on a new level.
And we are working hard on building that level, not everything would be added to the level,
but we do plan on having it playable for you to test it out.
So on the next release of HoE, we plan on having the level ready for you to test out.
It is a different design then the other 2, but we are pretty satisfied with the results for now.
Hopefully over time it will get better.

Don’t forget that we are looking for people to hire, so don’t hesitate to apply to us.

That is it for now.
Zee yaa all next month.