1. August 2023

What has happened in July

So different things happened this month, so let’s take it from the top.

As you might have noticed, we had worked on the basic stuff for the HeraldsofEternity.com website,
a bunch of the stuff was added, and hopefully we only need to fix some spell checking and add some extra stuff that might be missing.

Even though we are getting the website worked on, we are still not ready to use the HeraldsofEternity website for posting blogs.
We do hope in the near future that we can start posting patches on the patch-section.

We already have a list of stuff that has been patched on HoE,
so it would only be fair that we start to keep that section updated with new posts when we can, so we and you can keep up with it.

So what did we change for the patch HoE_v186.

We “Adjusted Out of Mana/Energy” sound concurrency to ensure that it only plays once at a time, this is a bug that had to be fixed.
We also got the flag reset, if it gets destroyed in Level 2 by lava, or another environmental death.

Noticed a bug, where the team got damage from the towers AoE,
that also includes a fix on tower projectiles that didn’t disappear after hitting the ground or target.
Truth be told, it was kinda annoying seeing a projectile that didn’t wanna disappear.

Another thing we got fixed is the “Cancel cast sound” if spell/ability is canceled or destroyed,
that also included the “Recall cast sound” adjustment played when you are teleported back to the base.
The sound has been buggy on that part, and we finally had time to fix it.

The UI for the Sound UI slider, was missing an image that we had overlooked,
and it was finally added into the option window.

Also we have started to update models in level3, which is a long term process,
but we do hope to have something to show over time.

We are planning on adding more to the project, but when this last patch things got a little crazy,
we cannot get into what that is about, but hopefully we can tell you all about it, at a later time.

That was it, for now
Zee yaa all next month.