1. September 2023

What has happened in August

Not so many things happened this month, but let’s take it from the top.

We have been behind posting new updates for HoE.
Not that we didn’t get fixes done, because we did get some stuff done,
and we do have a new updated version of HoE ready to be tested, bottom line is,
that we have just been behind with a lot of stuff.

So we haven’t had time to keep HoE updated, and post it on the discord,
as we had mentioned last month.
We are sorry about this, but there has been too much on our plate.

But we did manage to get some bugs fixed on HoE,
Like the “OutofMana” or “OutofEnergy” has been cleaned up,
and fixed, so it should be working properly.
Rescue and assists were not working correctly with the scoreboard,
we didn’t get around that one as well, though it had proven to be a little more tricky,
but should be working fine now.
Also when entering options in-game, there was a bug regarding the controls,
which is fixed as well, so now you can play around in options, without affecting in-game gameplay.

Well as some of you might have heard, we are doing some concept work
on the characters and other stuff as well, and yeah we can confirm that is true.
We are actually working on totally new concept work for the characters,
plus we are getting some ideas done for one of the levels that we are working on.

Also we are working really hard on the next level for HoE,
and of course getting stuff like that done takes time,
but we are really excited about this level,
while we are hoping to show off some new features that we find cool.

Also there is a rumor going on, that Vivanox is getting a new CEO,
and on that part we can confirm that the rumor is true,
but we cannot go into so much detail about this just yet,
but we do hope that if everything goes according to plan,
that we might have some stuff changed over time.
But that is a story for another day,
and hopefully we will be able to talk more about it in the future.

That was it, for now
Zee yaa all next month.