3. July 2023

What has happened in June

So there has been a lot happening this month, so let’s dive into it.

First and foremost, we wanna say thank you, to the anonymous donor,
that donation helped us out a lot, and we really appreciate it.

As you all know, last month, we were struggling with random crashes, when playing HoE.
We managed to figure out the problem, and were testing it afterwards for crashes,
which at this point, no crashes happened, and since we had some other bugs fixed,
we decided to move to the next phase.

This means that we started to release a close test build HoE_108.4,
so we could start to get more bugs reported, but also get suggestions for HoE.

After the first week, we got a bunch of bugs reported,
and also some new suggestions added, that we hadn’t thought about ourselves.

So after the first week of bug fixing, we released a second version of the HoE build, HoE_108.5.
This build had some more bugs fixed, though we didn’t not manage get them all done.

Because of the bug fixing and suggestions added to HoE,
we decided that we will try to have weekly updates on the game.
But it is not something we can guarantee, but we will try our best.

Also since the game is in the closed test phase, we have done that our discord is only for testers for now.
This will change in the near future. But for now that is how things are at the moment.

Reason for all these bug fixing, are that we wanna put the game on Kickstarter,
and we prefer that having it as stable and bug free as possible, and that also means, because of this,
we had to change our view on the prices for the game, we won’t go into detail,
but we can assure that the prices would be fair.

We also worked on our website for HoE, it is still a work in progress,
but we are trying to get the different sections setup and working.
As we explained a little while ago, we plan to move the monthly blog from Vivanox over to HoE’s website.
And then won’t happen until we have it all setup.

The same goes for the patch-notes for HoE, for now we have everything added into our Trello and discord,
but hopefully that will all change in the near future to the HoE website as well.

We also have plans to change the job-section, because we have been on the lookout for artists in various categories,
and we can only hope that we get lucky to find the right people for the job.

We were also asked if we could change the Thirdperson, Firstperson and Topdown to something more simple, *
and instead of using the word Hybrid, we came up with “Multi-View Moba game”
But it does cover the basics of what HoE actually is.

Well that was it for now.
Hope to see you all next month