1. June 2023

What has happened in May

We had a somewhat weird/funny month, plus some rumors that have been going around,
so let’s dive into it.

So as you might have known, the website has been going through some changes,
even though we did say that it was not our first priority, we did start to add in some stuff here and there.

And we manage to add in some screenshots and links to social-media like Facebook, Twitter, youtube:
But things like discord, Instagram are still not added. (We simply didn’t get around to get that done).
We will get it all done eventually, but things take time.

Rumor has it that we had a playable version of HoE released unofficially,
and just so we can clear out any questions regarding this.
Yes we did have a “supposedly” playable version released for testing,
and it was only for the small number of testers we have.
Funny enough, we started to experience some funny random crashes,
and we have not yet been able to find the source of the cause, so because of that issue,
we decided to close the test release. And truth be told,
nobody wants to play a game, where it randomly crashes, wondering why eh!!.

We would have liked to work on that part to get it fixed, but since we ran out of money for May,
we decided to wait until the start of June, and hopefully we should be able to have that part narrowed down and fixed.
But we will see what happens, because we don’t promise something, and not deliver on it.

And just a little side-note, some of you that have been following us and supporting us,
knows that our budget per month is limited, but we always seem to manage

You might be asking: “didn’t we tell you, some time back, that we had most of the coding done, and it was working?”.
And to answer your question: “yes we did say that, and things have been working fine when testing it,
but this bug did not happen for us, so we were pretty confident that everything would be working fine”.

So because of this issue with the project, we choose to work on other areas.
Like fixing up small stuff here and there: Meshes, Textures and many other things that are not related to the code.
Might as well get some of the other stuff done, instead of sitting on our butts and not doing anything, this also includes the website.

We did have high hopes for the test release, but that blew up in our faces,

So we can only wait and hope the problem will get solved soon, but there are no guarantees.
We will try to do our best, but as you are aware, some things take time.

Well that was it for now.
Hope to see you all next month