1. May 2023

What has happened in April

We had different stuff done this month, so let’s jump into it.

As we mentioned last month, we were working on the particles for the abilities of the Heralds.
We finally finished that part, and it is done for now, and when or if we get more people in the future,
we might get back to it, and maybe rework it. But for now, it will have to do.
Because we do have other things that need to be looked over.

And we did also mentioned about LOD’s last month,
and this month we have been remaking the LOD’s for the meshes for each level,
and we are not talking about (Heralds, Flags Spawn-points, Towers, Jails, and Dropoffs),
we are talking about the big models we have in each level.

Some of them were LOD’s, but it could use some fixing here and there,
so we have moved all the models into Blender, and started to LOD’s one by one,
and it is tedious but also fun, all depends on what model it is that we are working with.

Because our focus is having it stable for low-end computers, and it is important to keep that promise.

And also we had a lot of people coming and asking us, why we haven’t upgraded to UE5,
and the answer to that question is rather simple.
If your car is not broken, then there is no reason to fix it.
Yeah of course we could just buy a new car, if we could afford, but we don’t have that kind of money.

So roughly translated, that 85% plus of the core mechanics are working just fine in UE4,
and we don’t see the need to upgrade.

Not to mention, that it will take around 3 more months to get a stable version in UE5,
so for now it is a big NO NO. Who knows, if things change in the future,
we might consider it, but as things are right now, it is no.

We also have been working on a proper test build for you guys to play with.
But we hit some bumps on the road, which means when we upgraded to UE427 and
also updated Visual Studio to VS2022, that is where it started to give issues.

Because the way we wanted the HoE-Build to work, but that has been giving us a bloody headache,
and because of the upgrade of VS2022 we have not been able to produce a proper playable-build,
at least not for you guys to test.

Inhouse testing it works how we want it to, but it is far from stable to be tested by the community.
And we are trying to figure that out and get it fixed.

Well that was it for now.
Hope to see you all next month