1. April 2023

What has happened in March

So we had different stuff don’t this month, so let’s get to it.

We started to work on the abilities for the Heralds, as you know working with particles can be a drag.
But it has to be done. But it is easier said, then done, Meaning that we have 5 abilities per herald, x 16,
so some of the abilities had to be replaced.
Not that we didn’t like those abilities that we use, but we only had them as a temporary thing.
So we are remaking them manually. Also by doing this, we can finally start to fix up some more of the FPS.
As you are aware, fixing Frames Per Second is vital,
therefore we are trying our best to get that part cleaned up, to the best we can.

We are not talking Abilities, as we mentioned last month, we also worked on the Heralds, Flags, Spawn-Points,
Towers, Jails and Dropoffs, but we also worked on the other meshes.
They all need to have been LOD’s aka Level of Detail, and focusing on that is kind of important,
because we wanna make sure that the game is stable. And of course it runs stable on a high-end computer,
but we focus on having it stable on low-end computers as well.
The question is more like, how low end it should be, because we need to have some-kind of standard.

While we have been poking around and testing the game, we stumbled over some stuff that needs to get fixed.
It is nothing major, but those small fixes need to be addressed, otherwise some people will start complaining about it,
and we can’t have that right!!.

That also reminds us that we have finally started the work on Heralds Eternity’s website.
As many of you are aware, it has been a very long overdue process,
but we finally found some time to get it started. And we do hope to have something to show really soon.

That also moves us to the next question, if we will move our monthly blog from Vivanox over to Heralds Eternity’s website,
and we have been talking about it, and we do think that would be the right thing to do.
But that will only happen, when we have the website finished, and we don’t have an eta on that yet.
But who knows, maybe we will get lucky, or maybe we won’t, time will tell.

So as some of you have been asking us, what is the price range gonna be on the game.
And while back, we had 3 different packs, but all of that has changed.

We decided to go with 1 pack only, and ofcourse that means 1 price, and the price
has been reduced from the original price, at current time we cannot tell you the price,
but we are confident that it is more acceptable.

Well that was it for now.
Hopefully we will be back next month