1. March 2023

What has happpened in February

So we have some changes done this month, so let’s dive into it.

We agreed to upgrade HoE from 4.25 to EU4.27, mainly because we need some more stability and
functions that only were made for 4.27, and with that said.
We also have been working on level 2, adding extra stuff into the level.
Were talking: Chains, Cages, Fences, Doors and other nice stuff.
Just to light up the place a little bit.

We have also worked on the LOD’s for the Heralds, Flags, Spawnpoints,
Towers, Jail, Dropoffs and it took some doing, and might still need some tweaking,
but for now it will have to do.
At the same time we managed to add some destructible meshes,
on some of the different meshes, and we are pleased with the results.

We also added in the first NPC’s for level 2, but more are to come on that part.
For example we plan to add a couple of NPC-bosses and some critters running around.
Plus having some other small stuff added in, just to make it a little bit cozy.
We also had the Regeneration for the bases remade, so it has 2 shapes now,
1 is square and the other is sphere, there are also functions on how to adjust size.

We had an overall fix on the UI, which counts the number of towers on each level.
It is a nice feature to have, while some of the levels don’t have the same amount.

Another thing we have been trying to get to work, which was a tricky thing, was the Kill-Assist,
not only that it ticks properly, but also being added to the scoreboard,
so that means whoever assisted with kills, would be added to the scoreboard.
And also being shown on the in-game UI for a short time.

As some of you might have noticed we are working on the website for the Heralds of Eternity,
it is still a work in progress, so we ask you all to be patient.

We are doing the best we can to set it all up properly, and since we are using a template,
things need to be adjusted and sized correctly, and it does take time, because we cannot be all over the place.
Besides that we have been busy lately, so it has been put on hold.
But we will get it done in the near future.

People have been asking when they can enter the discord for Heralds of Eternity.
And we did promise you to keep an eye out on that.
But we have been occupied with so many things, that we had put it on hold,
we are aware that we are a little behind, but not to worry, we will do our best to get it done, as fast as we can.

People have been asking if they can help out or contribute to our work.
We can only recommend that you try to apply in the “Jobs / Voluntary Work” section.

Well that is it for now.
Hopefully we will be back next month