1. February 2023

What has happened in January

Yeah we are back, and as some of you may know,
we had a breakdown back in late August 2022.
We made some risky decisions that set us back.
Thankfully, we’ve bounced back and progress is moving forward from where we left off.

During this hard time, it was the words of encouragement from supporters of the project
and followers that motivated us not to give up, especially when we’ve come so far and
we are so close to the end with HoE.

Admittedly, being away from the project for so long has been actually a nice thing,
putting everything into perspective of the amount of effort we’ve put into this project,
and then getting some time off to disconnect has been extremely pleasant.

So what have we been doing lately? We started to look over Level 2, the dungeon.
As you know from some time back, we had an artist looking over the level.
At this time, the approach for implementing the necessary components for creating the level was not the right one so it was decided to remake that level.
And the results of that have been a lot better.
Sometimes, scrapping something to start from scratch yields far better results as has been the case for this level.

We’ve also built upon this level by adding in some towers and various other items.
We also decided to fix up the Training level. Seeing that it was often looking a bit dull, we’ve added new textures and cleaned it up.
We’ve also started to update the maps and mini-maps.
This includes, Training-level, level-1, and level-2. It is a major improvement from what we had before.

And as you know, we had a bunch of playable characters ready for the game.
But we have decided to take out K1ki, the main reason being that the textures are as broken as something can be.
K1ki will come back to HoE at some point, but for now this character is on hold.

The only main pressing issue we have to implement is to fix the camera on the Firstperson view, and when that is done,
we can then start opening the game up for users to try to play it once more.

But wait a minute, you might be asking, “how are we gonna get access to the discord when it is closed?”
Well not to worry, we have set up a new discord. It is still a work in progress, but things are getting up and running.

We have also replaced the “Spawn-Points, Jail-Points, Dropoff-Points and Flags”,
purely because if we don’t have the original source-files, then we cannot use the meshes we had.
So we had them all replaced. This action we did here, is simply a standard policy so we don’t get in any trouble with copyright.

Another thing that has been changed, is the design of the fence, that forms the perimeter around the whole playable map.
The reason for that change was that it makes it easier to apply modded-maps to the levels.

Now hold on, did we just say Modded-maps? That we did!
We are at point where you, the user, can make your own levels and also add in your own characters to the game,
though it will only work in offline mode, but it will be made possible.

Well that is it for now.
Hopefully we will be back next month