1. August 2022

What has happened in July

So a couple of things have happened this month, so let’s take it from the top.

As some of you might have noticed, we had downtime with the Vivanox website at the start of the month.

Reason for the downtime was because our website host had raised their prices.

So we decided to switch to a different web-host, which took some time before everything was moved over,
and working properly.

Next thing we were working on was trying to get EpicOnlineServices to function properly,
and it was no easy task, no sir.
We were working day and night on this part, and it was giving us problems left and right, until we finally figured it out.

We had to upgrade our engine to UE4.27 because of a plugin.
We did not expect to do the engine upgrade a third time, but in the end we did manage to get it done.

So because of the engine update to 4.27, it led to other stuff that needed fixing.
Believe or not some code from 4.25 to 4.27 does not match all the way.
So we were forced to fix those issues manually.

But now that we have EpicOnlineServices setup and working,
we finally started to test out different things, such as: chat, achievements, gameplay etc…

That also means that we are opening up for a certain number of users to help us test out HoE.

We did manage to get the new character ready in the game,
with their new design, also abilities for all the characters has been added to.
Next step on that part is to tweak their damages and health.

Towers in-game is also fully functional with a couple of small twists that we added,
such as when towers level up, it gets a different spell that does more damage to the player.
So towers may look easy to take out, but over time it gets harder as they level up.

Our map and minimap is also fully working, so on the map/mini-map you will be able to see
the characters, towers, flags, which includes the pie-menu commands that will spawn on the map.

So the question is, “what is missing?”

Well, we are missing a functional chat, but it is being worked on.
We also need to redo the UI for login, main-menu and lobby,
this is because of the upgrade from 4.25 to 4.27, for some weird reason the UI got totally rearranged.

We are doing the best we can, but it is gonna take more time than we anticipated.

That is it for now
Zee yaa all next month