1. June 2022

What has happened in May

So we’ve been spring-cleaning this month, so let’s dive straight into it.

At the start of May we started to experience some setbacks in the UI Department.
We had a team of Ui artists, but they had to pull out at the last minute as work was about to start.
These things happen so being flexible is key and we are making some adjustments.

Due to this happening fairly early on, we have been able to get our hands
on some great-looking UI design that can be adapted to fit our needs.
This can always be modified later on as we get the necessary team,
but as things are right now, we can get the building blocks for the UI set up so that work on the game can continue.

We also started on cleaning up code all over the project. You might say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”,
but this saying can not be applied to everything. With code, it can always work better with fewer lines.
Even though we had a lot of stuff added into the project, we were in need of getting things cleaned up and having it more stable.

And we are talking about the code in all areas of the game.
There were great swathes that got slashed, sometimes it was legacy code and just taking up space,
or because it was inefficient or provided erroneous functionality.
Although the older code was outdated, it got us where we are today.
Throwing out old stuff can be hard at times but you get over it.

We can also soon announce a major feature that many of you have been asking for.
Hopefully we have something to show in a couple of weeks on social media and we hope you are all going to love it.

As you all know from last month, we told you that the writer-team was going to change some stories for the heralds and the lore
and what we have seen until now, is better than the old concepts we had.
There has been some major rewriting on that part, and the writer-team is only just getting started.
The direction and work they have put into it is really good, and we can’t wait to give you all a chance to get eyes on it.

As for our Environment team, they have been working hard on one of the towers for one of the levels.
The design they have been working on is a futuristic design, but it looks really good, and we can’t wait to show you the finished design.

As for the Levels itself, we have a lot of references that the team is working on,
but things like that are gonna take some time. We are certain that the finished result will be out of this world.

We have been looking over registration, achievement, friends and some other cool stuff for HoE,
and we are far from done on that part. These parts also depend on others being completed
but we’re keeping an eye on future tasks of the project like these so that when the time comes to pick these up again,
we’ll have a clear direction to head towards.

That was it for this month.

Zee yaa all next month