1. May 2022

What has happened in April

This month is jam-packed with new developments, but we’ll get to those shortly.

Let’s take a moment to address a current affair close to our hearts and aside from game dev.
We do not condone the war with Ukraine therefore we don’t intend to work with any companies from Russia.

With that being said, we do still hire freelancers from Russia, and people that are from Russia but who don’t reside there,
as many may or may not know, there are a lot of Russians out there who are against the war in Ukraine.

Although Vivanox has always had a very open door policy, we do our best to screen people that apply.
We need to make a living and we prefer to take into account people’s core values and not judge them on the place they were born.

Those who want to work, and are willing to change things for the better,
should get that opportunity like everyone else,
no matter the skin-color, religious beliefs or country of origin; everyone deserves a chance.

First and foremost, we’ve put together a brand new Environment team.
Their first task will be updating, polishing and finalizing the ”Training level”.
When the ”Training-Level” is done and ready, we will move on to Level 1 , Level 2 and Level 3.
We’re excited to soon present the developments.

The first part will be getting the basic terrain elements to have a fun and functioning map,
for players to explore which works well with the dynamics of the gameplay.
Once the building blocks are in place, more props will be added to the environment,
so as to bring it to life and complement the theme of each map.
As soon as we have something to showcase we’ll be sure to give you a sneak preview.

The UI team is busy making new arrangements and bringing exciting new suggestions to the table.
Through all this, it’s looking really promising and we can’t wait to reveal the stunning new developments from the team.

Also we have decided to get our writer-team up and running again,
as there have been changes we’ve been wanting to make for some time now,
so we’re re-writing the lore, character backstories and general premise for the worlds
in some areas so all three have more cohesion and make better sense to both us and players.

Although this has resulted in some things we previously enjoyed being adapted,
we’re working hard to maintain the excitement we feel about the lore and the world and make
the characters ever more appealing while keeping details more in-line with the new direction of the plot.

For those of you who are asking about the character design,
our Character-team now has a proper male and female design, and we should be able to have something to show soon.

The new overhaul that is being done is something we all are looking forward to presenting,
once it gets closer to being in its finished state.

What’s more, our coding team has been working on the register, achievement, friends and some other cool stuff for HoE.
We’re also currently testing those things out, but it looks ever more promising on that front.
Some minor bugs were also fixed from previous versions to give players something
which is stable and performant which we aim to stay on top of as we progress to new stages.

There are some other exciting developments in the works aside from those
mentioned above which we can not announce yet but watch this space to find out more!

That was it for this month! Thanks for stopping by!

Zee yaa next month