1. April 2022

What has happened in March

So things this month has seen a few major changes so let’s jump straight into it!

The start of this month got some massive code updates, that we have been super
excited to see in action, and now Top-down view is an even more immersive

This new update now has the highly requested “Fog of war” which makes gameplay
all the more intense, obscuring the periphery of the map. This was primarily aimed at
the Top Down view to also create a fairer style of gameplay.

As is often the case with implementing large code changes, new bugs were
introduced and in this case these affected both First-person and Third-person views,
so we have been hard at work restoring lost functionality and getting the Fog of war
polished so that everything works seamlessly in tandem with all three views.

So which new exciting feature is the biggest we’ve added?

Well, that’s probably the “Recall” command.
So what does “Recall” do exactly?

I’m glad you asked! Recall teleports you back to the base and we’ve been having a
blast experimenting with that new ability as we’re sure our playtesters will in game.

On the more visual side of the aisle, the new sci-fi suit design is almost complete so
stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and of course our gallery for sneak

We’re also at a stage where we can start to rework the visual effects such as you
see in some character abilities which use Particles for each of the heralds abilities.
This is quite an extensive aspect of the game and achieving impressive results that
keep gameplay fps as high as possible is no easy feat so this will need our time
and attention to get it to that sweet spot.

We’ve also done some spring cleaning on the website to have a fresher and less
cluttered look. Did you notice?

As you can see, we’re making changes all over the shop and we hope to have even
more to share with you next month!

Thanks for stopping by and…

Zee yaa all next month!