1. March 2022

What has happened in February

Well, we had a medley of additions this month, so let’s take it from the top.

As you all know, we have been working on the Vivanox website, and as you can see,
it has changed, but we are far from done.
We have been receiving questions regarding information on the website,
such as the game price and specific buttons that we have not finalized.

Even though they are not that important at this time, it is best to have everything working 100 percent,
so things on the website are still very much a work in progress,
so for now, it will remain this way, but this is just the beginning of our website overhaul.

When the site is fully built and set up, we will announce it here in this blog.

So speaking of websites, what is going on with the HoE website?
There is one major thing we need to pin down to start the ball rolling – proper concept design for the site.
Many functions and other stuff are ready to go, but the overall design is still behind,
however, we are excited to showcase something stunning to you all in the near future.

As mentioned previously, we have a completely new suit design for the characters,
which is going to be the standard suit for all Heralds in-game.

Of course, that default skin can be changed in-game, but that is still a work in progress.
But the new design of the suit is a wonderful development for us since we have been looking forward to scrapping the old design.
So we hope to have something to show you soon, and we’re excited to share the new developments sooner rather than later,
depending on whether things go smoothly.

We also have some new in-game updates.
As you know, we have towers in-game, and those towers can upgrade to a maximum of 3 levels,
and for each level-up, the tower design will change.

When a player captures the flag, small footsteps will spawn on the ground to show who has the flag.
Of course, it was already showing on the map and minimap,
but we needed that little extra function, so the opposing team could see who to chase or attack.

Finally, we recently added gameplay improvements such as DoT (damage over time) and HoT (healing over time) abilities.
We also can confirm that not all Heralds will have HoT or DoT abilities.
Also, we are still working on having you test the game with the current updates,
but it has been giving us some issues here and there, but as always, we’ll be working on ironing those out.

But that was it for now
Zee yaa all next month