1. February 2022

What has happened in January

Now that we have started a new year, let’s get right into it.

As some of you might have noticed, our design for the official Vivanox website has changed quite a bit.
This new website is more animated and image-centric,
which means easy access to visuals that reflect the progress of HoE’s development.
You can view these new images in our gallery section.

We will continue to update these images as development continues, so keep an eye out for those changes.
One of the images you might see in the gallery section is a picture of the new herald suit.
For those who remember the old suit, you will notice significant changes in the design and color.
The color of the suit is still subject to change, but we will be sure to show you the final product when we finalize the design.
Also, on the upper left-hand corner of the website, we have a different Vivanox logo.
This new logo is not final, but we feel that this sleek look better fits the style of our company.
We will have more to show as we improve and update the website.

Moving onto in-game features, we have finally updated the old Dungeon level to a more realistic design.
We also will be adding this updated level to a new build version so you will have a chance to experience the changes.
Other recently added in-game features include an assist counter.
An assist is when you help kill an enemy, and the assist counter records the assist as a point on the scoreboard.

While testing our features, we found a funny bug that made it easy to win.
By accidentally killing a person multiple times,
players can cause the jail to fill up and allow living players to keep playing even if they have 0 HP because the jail cannot accept them.
It took us a while to find the problem, but we were able to fix the issue.

Last year we mentioned that we planned to launch on Kickstarter, and that is still the plan,
but we wanted to take some more time to develop some in-game features.
This way, when you are playing with your friends, online and offline, we can fix your reported bugs more efficiently

We are also looking for new team members who might be interested in helping us with the project.
If you are interested in what we are working on, please feel free to send us an email.

That was is it for now
Zee yaa all next month