1. December 2021

What has happened in November

We have some new developments with the UI design, backend development, and character design. So let’s dive right into what we have been working on this month. 

So as you know, we have been working on the UI for the last couple of months. This delay was because of unexpected life events that changed our schedule. But this month, the UI finally started to get back on its feet. Though development is slow, we have updated some of the features for the main menu UI. These features include the friends, coin, token, exit, and other icons needed for the main menu.

Other features connected to the main menu are also in development, such as the play, shop, and profile sections. We do have a fourth section in development, but that section is secret for now. 

Since we started updating the UI, we have also started work on the backend. And you might be thinking, “Oh nice, you are gonna use Epic Online Services!” Actually, we have decided to use a different service.

We can’t specify the reason for this change, but we hope this decision will be a net positive for development. However, we are still considering returning to Epic, but as it stands we will be switching to this new provider. Epic’s services and tools are very helpful and effective, but for us, this alternative provider seems to be the better option. 

So about this backend, what provider are we going to use? Sadly we cannot disclose that information. However, the good news is that this provider supports many of the features that we wanted. 

Also, working with the backend gives us a chance to test some new login features, which means that we are going to use a couple of months to test out those features to make sure that they will live up to the community’s expectations.

Another thing we also get a chance to test out is the shop system. The feature we are testing is purchasing items such as Heralds, skins, and boosts. We also have the opportunity to develop the friend system, testing it out and seeing if it works as intended. Some might think those features should work out of the box, but the problem is that we do not have an official Alpha or Beta team to test out these features to make sure they work as intended. So progress for the new features is slow but steady.

So some people have been asking our team if it is true that we are redoing the characters again. We have decided to remake all 15 Heralds from scratch. This decision means the Heralds will retain their familiar features but will look slightly different. This redesign also includes the default Herald suit. We hope to have a couple of models ready in about two months.

Also, as some people have informed us, our Heralds of Eternity website is looking unusual. We are in heavy development of updating the website, so not to worry.  

Thank you all for being such a loving and supporting community. We are excited to bring forth new developments in the coming months.

That was it for this time

Zee yaa all next month