1. November 2021

What has happened in October

So things have been a bit slow this month, but let’s get to it so you can hear the whole story.

As you may know, our UI department was working on some of the design and framework for the UI. Unfortunately, we had some bumps in the road that led to us putting some things on pause.

Some of the UI implemented suggestions have been giving us some trouble. Specifically, new buttons that connect the backend to the frontend to allow players to join a game on a server.  We have been analyzing this problem and figuring out the best solution.

Regarding the front end, there have been some features we wanted to implement, but some things ended up being more difficult than initially believed. We did manage to see the issue in time, but it has put the UI department on pause. However, there have been successful progress on other things such as investing in a radar chart for the player’s stats page, herald search menu implementation, and the player profile menu wireframe.

Hopefully, we will have this fixed by November, but there are no guarantees, but we will try our best.

Because of the slow progress in the UI department, we focused on some other areas that are just as important.

We have been fortunate enough to have found a character concept artist that can design for us.

And you might be asking why concept art is so important?

When our character artist implements our concept, we want to make sure they know how to implement the design with as few revisions as possible since the 3d modeling process can become time-consuming. Of course, there can be some issues here and there, but as long as there is a proper concept, description, and other references, then you are more on the safe side.

We also have heard your concerns, and we will be updating the description on the website and Twitter regarding what HoE is.

We do appreciate that people are informing us of these features that need to be fixed. If you have any more recommendations or suggestions feel free to let us know. We will keep trying our best to get those things as quickly as possible, funds allowing.

That was it for this time

Zee yaa all next month