1. October 2021

What has happened in September

So September has been somewhat different, but let’s dive right into it.

As you know, our UI department has been working on the UI for HoE.

And we have been getting some different things done here and there, but sadly the wheels have been turning a little slow.  However, this is okay since we all experience those days or weeks where we want to get stuff done but don’t have the energy for it. You might be asking what is missing? Regarding the UI, we have been working back and forth on a couple of different menus.

In addition to our standard Login UI, we also have a button for viewing our lore which includes scrolling text, music, and a voice-over done by one of our voice actors. This feature will not play automatically, but if a player seeks it out by exploring our Login screen they will be in for a pleasant surprise. This feature is still in development, but we wanted you to get a sneak preview. 

And with that said, let’s move on to what in our Main Menu needs finishing.

The Main Menu as it is right now is a good design. Of course, there is always room for improvement but what we have right now is more than acceptable. However, we are still missing some stuff here and there. 

Three major things that are missing are the chat function, Friends menu, and the Server Realm menu. We want the Server Realm menu to work for each country. Meaning that if you are in Denmark and want to play on a Danish server, then you would click the Server Realm button and choose the Danish realm. And of course, if you are from another country those options would be made available as well, given that we have a server in that region. 

Plus, we are also missing a proper design for the Shop and the Profile menus.

The Shop is where players will purchase upgrades, redeem codes, and do other in-game transactions.

The Profile section is essential for keeping up-to-date on your status in-game. The Profile section includes accolades, how many Heralds you own, how many games you won or lost, among other features.

But as stated earlier, we have been working all over the place on different menus.

But when we have those things done, then we should have something nice to show you all.

The next step regarding the UI is the Lobby screen, and as you might have guessed, the lobby is where you can join a game with your team or queue up to join a random team.

That section is fully working, but truth be told, the Lobby UI is completely untouched and needs a major overhaul.

However, we will get around to those features in due time.

So you might be wondering with all this work being done on the UI, how the in-game UI looks.

And that is a great question. Honestly, we have no updates on the in-game UI because we have been more focused on the Login and MainMenu.

The in-game UI is playable, but it needs to look much more cohesive with the rest of our current UI.

But one in-game UI feature that is being worked on is the in-game pie menu. The coding department and the UI team have joined forces to work on this feature because we want the design and functionality changed.

The pie menu we are using now works fine, but we want to do something different and cool-looking.

Holy heck, that is a lot of stuff to explain as to why we are so behind in certain areas, but since we are a small indie company that works with what we have, certain things take longer than expected. Mainly because we can’t afford it all at once, but we are getting it done bit by bit.

Regarding the coding department, some bugs have been fixed.

We had experienced some issues with the First-person view, and we finally found and addressed that bug.

Fog of War is now adjusted, so it is working properly. It was giving us some problems here and there, but we managed to get it fixed. 

Also, the kick ability was adjusted on certain Heralds that now allow for two kick types.

So when we release the next update, you should see a difference in gameplay.

And as some of you may know, we normally donate a computer to a random family in October. However, because of the insane prices of computers and hardware, we decided to take a different approach. We heard about a nice little family whose kids wanted gaming chairs, and we managed to get our hands on some gaming chairs.

So the family came to Vivanox to pick up the chairs, and you should have seen the look on those kid’s faces; they were ecstatic about the gift.

Well, that is it for now.

Zee Yaa all next month