1. September 2021

What has happened in August?

We had some different things happening this month, so let’s get right into it.

So our Discord department has been working on our bot systems, and you might ask what our bot systems do. Our bot system allows our team, donators, and sponsors to see progress on the project. With the new changes to the system, the bot will be able to add regular task updates to keep our development team informed of what needs addressing.

Our character department has been working hard on our characters, even though they are not fully ready yet, are looking better and better.

Our primary focus is setting up the hair properly for each character. This setup has been a long and difficult process because we scrubbed the original hair. We had to remove the original hair because the hair was causing unnecessary drops in framerate. So getting all of that re-done has been quite a challenge, but not impossible.

You might be asking, why have there not been any new development HoE releases?

Well, the reason for that is very simple, there are too many bugs that need fixing. Because of that, our regular release schedule is on hold until these bugs and features are in working order.

Even though we made a new engine update a little while back, it has been giving us some hidden bugs here and there, and we do not just want to avoid those issues. It is better to get those problems fixed and move on from there. So thank you for being patient while we address these issues. We will be back to our regularly scheduled updates again very soon!

Like we mentioned last month, we are currently setting up the Login and Main Menu UI. It is a long process, and we are still not done yet, but we are getting there.

We have had much debate on the UI design, and we have taken everyones’ wish into consideration. After much development and work, we have settled on a design that we feel that you will love. Also, we have something special related to the UI in the works. We cannot go into detail right now, but when the feature is released we are very sure you all will be excited.

We also started to work on some numbers for the Heralds Health, Mana, and Energy, including abilities costs. This is one of the more difficult sections when working with a game that covers our 3 different game views, top-down, third person, and first person. Some abilities seem overpowered compared to others, so we are taking special care to ensure balanced gameplay by testing those numbers.

We were hoping to have the website for Vivanox ready for this month, but sadly we had some complications that we need to address first. We are doing our best to have it ready as soon as possible, and we are sure that you all would like the new design when we have it ready.

That is it for now

Zee Yaa all next month