1. August 2021

What has happened in July

We had some stuff happening here in July, so let’s dive right into it.

Even though July has been a steady month, we did manage to get some things worked on here and there.

We have been starting to back up our different systems.

One of these systems is our web domains, we are moving out of our current web domains to a different web host provider, mainly to fix our small problem with SSL, so it is more secure for you in our community.

We decided that instead of using what we have, we would move some of those responsibilities out, outsourcing in a way.

We are also having our Web Designer department help us out with a better logo and web design for Vivanox, so hopefully, we have something new to show you in the coming months.

Of course, this is more related to Vivanox than HoE, but it has been on hold for a long time, so we felt the update was necessary. 

So as things are right now, we decided to start looking over these matters so we can get those web changes settled.

Our UI department has been working steadily on some new features for HoE, which are mainly for the Main Menu and Lobby. We know that some of the new features have made a difference, and hopefully, you and the community will get a chance to look it over when we have the next release ready.

Our Character department has been doing some fixes on the hair that will improve the visual and functional aspects of the hair.  Fixes implemented so far are turning out well, and we cannot wait to show you those updates.

Our Environment department has also been working on the models for the Stadium and Training levels. Our reason for working on these models is because various community members have been giving insightful feedback that has encouraged us to clean up and improve certain models.

Our Prop department has been starting to work on some small things for the Training Level, they are far from finalized, but developments are in the works. Changes were based on suggestions for making the environment in the level more exciting and immersive, and we thought it could be a good idea to start testing those new changes in a smaller map like the Training Level.

Of course, we still have a long way to go, not to mention that our abilities need a HUGE overhaul, but as things are right now, that task is currently on hold. We decided that putting the abilities on hold would allow us to take the development of HoE one step at a time, which will ensure the highest quality game for our community and team at Vivanox.

That is it for this time.

Zee Yaa Next month