1. July 2021

What has happened in June

We have been working on some different things this month, mainly features that will be used by our sponsors, specifically commercials.

While looking over the commercials, we decided that we wanted to update the appearance of the ads. It has been long overdue, and we are excited to implement the reworks.

So as you might be aware, we have a couple of companies sponsoring HoE. So we have been working on commercials for those companies.

And you might be asking, is that something we are going to do for each company? And the short answer is yes.

If a company doesn’t have a pre-made ad, we develop different ad designs for the company and implement the one the company likes best.

And also, as the ads are animated in 3D, this is a very good opportunity to keep up our blender skills.

At the start of this month, we had Clay come over and lend us a hand with commercial ideas we had for our sponsor, Sandberg.

Clay was doing some nice work on the commercial section, and we were glad to have him back, and of course, we had a fun time with Clay while he was with us.

Later this month SpacePanda started working on the commercial for IT-Trends.

He has been implementing some of the ideas that he has been tinkering with, and the results are pretty great.

Normally, Spacepanda works with UI, but it doesn’t hurt to get your feet wet in different areas, which is always beneficial.

And speaking of the UI, we haven’t been able to get much done on that part yet, mainly because we are missing a couple of people on our UI team, and without them, progress can’t be made.

This will push us back for about two months, but not to worry, we are doing our best and will keep you updated.

We also had a new guy join the team, his name is Vision, and he is doing some 3D model work for us.  The work he has been doing for us lately has been really helpful, and we are glad to have him on the team.

We also have started to design an official interview process, as the needs of our team and team dynamics have become more crucial to the success of HoE. We initially felt that this was unnecessary, however, we feel that this will be of great benefit to not only the team but to those who want to work with us. If you are interested in HoE or any other Vivanox project then you are welcome to apply here .

That was it for this time
Zee Yaa next month