1. March 2021

What has happened in February

It has been a slow month, but we did get some work done. So let’s take it from the top!

As you know, we are still working on the UI for HoE, but we are not quite finished yet. So because of that, we haven’t fully implemented the UI.

We are aware that a proper UI was requested by those of you who have been playing HoE. But not to worry, we will get the UI done. We, unfortunately, don’t have an expected finish date, but we are doing what we can to get it done.

As you may recall, the UI is being worked on by Chibi and Sinek, and they are doing some great work. Hopefully, we might be able to post some screenshots at a later time.

We have also been looking over possible fixes for some of the in-game mechanics that were brought to our attention.

As you all know, working with these kinds of mechanics takes some time. Some might think that these problems are easy to fix, but things are not always as simple as they may seem. Not to mention testing the fixes before we let you play an updated version.

We mentioned that we would try to push updates to HoE each month, but this month we were unable to because of some issues that we have been facing.

The reason for the late playable updates is an unexpected issue we found with the models, where we had to remove most of our characters.

You might ask, why do you wanna remove 3D models from HoE? Well, it turns out that there were n-gons in the models, which caused a low framerate. Thankfully we have Uruzet who has done a spectacular job with redoing the models dropping the vertices count from 25k to ~4-6k, which has added 20 frames per second! 

We have Pallyqle and Sarr working day and night (overtime) fixing and adding in requested features. But when it comes to the in-house testing of HoE, we have been finding some tricky bugs that we are trying to smooth out.

Pallyqle has been very helpful with some important backend work on HoE, we can’t go into detail about it, but we are sure that you will notice the updates when we release our new version of HoE.
We are all happy that PallyQle had the time to add in those things. We really appreciate your hard work mate.

Sarr has been working hard with some other backend stuff that needed to be looked over.
Though some of the requests were tricky to update, he did get the job done, and we are looking forward to showing you those updates when we push the release.

Uruzet has been burning the midnight oil to get all our Heralds ready. Although he is not quite done yet, he is still doing an excellent job. We pretty much have weekly updates from him. We are so fortunate to have you on our team mate.

Also, work from John Barhoum, if you remember, his task was mainly working on the hair. He is progressing very well, and his latest update was the hair for Sharira. But also, rumor has it that he managed to lower the polycount an incredible amount.

We do have a big favor to ask those of you who have been testing HoE and waiting for the new update.
Please be patient, the updates and fixes will get done, but it takes time. But we are doing the best we can!

Well that was it for now
Zee yaa all next month