2. February 2021

What has happened in January

So many different things have happened this month, so let’s take it from the top.

As you know, from the previous month we started to open the doors a little for people to start testing HoE, and since we haven’t reached our 100 game tester mark yet, there’s still a chance to get access to the game, which can be done either through Facebook or Twitter.

As you also may know, we got feedback about HoE on what could be changed and on what should be fixed and improved.

Therefore, we have set up a Trello for that very reason. So every suggestion that is relevant, will be added to the Trello.

We can also say that Gizmo has finished one of the 3D models that we are already using in-game. Gizmo had been working on the Tower for the game, mainly for the Training level. We are very happy with the results from Gizmo, and we sure are glad to have him on the team.

But not to worry, Gizmo is far from done, we already have him looking over some other ideas we have, with the intention of him doing some other great-looking 3D models for us.

Sadly we cannot show you the work just yet, but hopefully in the very near future, we’ll have some sneak previews for you all.

After Gizmo was done with his model, we had it passed on to Sinek.

Sinek is helping us out with texture painting our 3D models, and besides that, there are also some other areas that Sinek is helping us out with. Sadly, we cannot say much about the other stuff he is doing, but we are certain that you will love the final result!

Uruzet has been working really hard with our Heralds, and he is almost done with all 16 Heralds. So that would mean, when all 16 are fully done, then we plan on updating our Heralds.

And if it hadn’t been for Uruzet, we would still have had to face a lot of optimization issues for the Heralds.
But thanks to him, this has helped improve the stability of HoE.

Of course we still have some things that need to be tweaked etc, but our main concern was the Heralds, and the results are looking really good, and we can’t wait to show you all.

So you might be asking yourself if you’ve been following previous blogs, since Uruzet is so far with the Heralds, what about the hair that John Barhoum is working on?

Well John Barhoum has been updating the team pretty much daily, with a new way of lowering the poly-count on the hair, but at the same time, also having the hair looking really good in-game.

We would like to point out that doing hair for 3D is no small task at all, but when it comes to John Barhoum, he makes it look easy as he plays around with the hair. We are so grateful to have him helping us out.

Chibi is still working on the UI for the game, which is no easy task at all.
But Chibi is doing great work so we’ll all just have to be patient, because there are just some certain things that cannot be rushed.
But like we said last month, the suggestions and ideas Chibi has, is something that we all are looking forward to showing you all, but you have to wait a little longer, before that is possible.

Pallyqle has been around to help out with some important fixes for the mechanics, and for those of you who are curious about that, then you need to get the newest version of HoE to check out the fixes.
But he also helped us add in some stuff for the map and towers. But all in all, things are starting to look really good and that is also thanks to Pallyqle’s hard work.

Also Pally has been asked to do a couple of other small things, but we won’t say anything about that yet, because that is still being tested before we release that.

Rumor has it that Fblah was around to lend a hand with some stuff, and we confess that it was not a rumor. Fblah was here, and we all had a really great time. Though Fblah has been busy with other stuff lately, it was really nice to see him again and hang out. We are so glad that he could find the time to help us out. Fblah was helping us out with some bugs that were reported about the “Options-Menu”, and thanks to Fblah it is working like a charm. Many thanks again for your help mate!

We also have been working very hard with Sarr from Feral Computing and truth be told, it has not been an easy task for Sarr, to keep up with the things we wanted to get done and fixed, but we know Sarr pretty well, and we knew that he would pull through.
It is always a pleasure to see Sarr in action, and one other thing, you never get bored when you have Sarr around. And of course we do have more work for him in the future, so not to worry, you all will hear more about it in the next couple of months.

But we really appreciate all his hard work and there are just not enough words for all the great work he has been doing for us over the past couple of years.

That was it for this time!
Zee yaa all next month!