31. December 2020

What has happened in December

Well since it is December we are gonna take it from the top, and we have a little bit more than usual. 

Because of the Christmas holidays, we only worked on HoE until December 21st.

So certain things cannot be shown because we simply aren’t there yet, but they are being looked at, this, unfortunately, includes putting our Patreon on hold.

But we did manage to open up for donations on the official Vivanox website. So for those who want to support/help us are welcome to do so by clicking here

We do have some good news.

Around the middle of December, we have finally started to let more people access HoE to test and give us feedback. We are only allowing 100 people to download and play our game and those invites can be found on our HoE Facebook and Twitter.

We have gotten feedback from our current users and are working to implement their suggestions.

We will let more people in over time, but for now, we are keeping an eye on what will happen on our Facebook and Twitter.

This means that we will try our best to update HoE once a month. This may not sound like much but hopefully, over time, we can update more frequently.

We can also say that we got a couple of new people on the team namely: Gizmo, JohnJoestar aka John Barhoum,  and Uruzet aka Mark Jackson.

So let’s get started with the introductions.

Our first new member, on the team, is Gizmo.
Gizmo joined at the start of December and his main task is to make props for HoE. When talking about props, we are referring to some special meshes that we need in-game. Gizmo is doing some great work on that part, and we are very glad to have him on the team!

A couple of days after Gizmo, Uruzet joined us. Uruzet’s task is mainly working on the Heralds; this means that the Heralds are getting cleaned up for optimization.

The work Uruzet has been putting into the Heralds is just remarkable, not to mention Uruzet does a great job on Rigging. We are so fortunate to have him on the team, and also don’t forget to check out his portfolio in links.

The same day, we also got JohnJoestar on the team, he works on the hair for the Heralds, and some other stuff too, that for the time being, we cannot talk about. But we must say that he is doing a wonderful job. He keeps amazing us every day with new ways to get the hair to fit and look great. Don’t forget to check out his portfolio in links.

Morbidity is helping out with something special for one of our Heralds.
We cannot say much about it yet, but we are pretty sure that you all would like it when it is ready. We are all glad to have Morbidity back on the team.
And we do hope that you all would check out her portfolio in the links

Chibi and Sally have been working hard on the UI for HoE. They are not quite done yet, but the work is progressing and it is looking really good.
Hopefully, we should be able to provide some screenshots in the near future.

PallyQle and Sarr have been working really hard with the different assignments for HoE, it’s mainly because of them that we were able to give you access to HoE.
Of course, there is still a lot of tweaking and fixing that needs to be done, but we finally have a version for you all to test, and that is thanks to those two extraordinary people, we couldn’t have reached our goal with you guys. Keep up the good work, and also don’t forget to check out their portfolio.

Last but not least.

We wish you all a great Christmas and Happy New year, and hopefully, we have more to show in the coming year. It has been a bit of a ride for us at Vivanox, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
We have experienced a lot of bumps on the road, and we might meet more of that in the future but we are still standing and not giving up.

That is also why we are looking for investors for Vivanox and HoE, but we are VERY picky about who we will have as an investor.
But should you be one of those who wanna invest, then contact us. We don’t bite but remember we have some policies that need to be upheld.

That was it for now.

Zee yaa all Next month