1. December 2020

What has happened in November

Different things have happened this month, so let’s take it from the top.

As you all know, the previous month we hired Goodwood to help us out with the lore and characters descriptions.

That led us to rename some of our characters.

We are very glad for the changes and are looking forward to some other changes with our other characters in the near future.

This month we also had help from Lotd regarding our HoE website. He has been helping us set up the website, even though it is still missing some things here and there, the important things are working. We still have a couple of sections on the site that are not working, but those are being fixed.

PallyQle and Miscni have been working around with the Login section for the game.

This means that HoE will work offline using Lan and online using Vivanox’s servers.

For the online part, we now have a username and password system that is designed for Vivanox accounts.

The basics of the login and offline systems works as it should, but it still needs tweaking and more security.

Pallyqle was so helpful with the in-game mechanics to make the scoreboard working, so it will show your username and other players usernames.  It has been a little tricky to get the AI added on the scoreboard, but Pallyqle found a workaround and it works!

Speaking of AI , Pallyqle also was working on our in-game AI. Our current system is only a temporary solution, but our main goal for the AI to not only pick up the flags but also rescue and damage other players as well as build and destroy towers.

PallyQle was working on our Tower design for the game, which also includes tower projectiles and the ability of players to destroy and rebuild towers.

Last but not least our arena billboards have been updated, and of course as many of you know the arena billboards will show a feed of who killed who, who rescued who, and of course who delivered a flag.

We finally updated our Level 2, as our old “Level 2 dungeon” was only for testing and placeholders.

We decided to update Level 2 because people have been asking to play this level.  It is not pretty, but when it comes to procedural it doesn’t have to be because it is only temporary.

Chibi is working on the in-game UI which also includes the in-game lobby where we have our Heralds, Shop, Currency, etc.

There are many different things that have to be taken into account, but her work is progressing really well and we like what she has made so far. But we are still far from our finishing goal.

We also had our Facebook and Twitter setup, so you guys can start to follow us on our social media, we will try to do what we can to keep you updated!

That was it for now
Zee yaa all next month