1. November 2020

What has happened in October

We have had several things done this month, so let us dive right in!

We finally have our level selection system working properly so that you can now choose which level you want to play.

Meanwhile, PallyQle was helping us out with various things such as a simple Bot-AI system that you can choose before the game starts. Though the AI is pretty simple, it does the job for now. Yes, you can in fact kill the AI enemies.

PallyQle also worked on some UI updates that were needed such as showing the countdown for each user that has died. It was rather important to get that feature working.

Thanks to the fine works from Chiby, we also updated our splash screen and now have a proper logo for HoE. As you can see below, we are still tweaking stuff to get it looking just right.

We also updated the fonts used and are no longer using the default one available in UE4. The font was made by Darrell Flood. Great work Darrell!

During this month, Sally got in touch with a story writer called Goodwood.
GoodWood’s job is to help us with the lore and character’s descriptions.
Truth be told, there were a lot of problems with the previous lore and descriptions that didn’t quite work. Having GoodWood around is something the team is very, very thankful for.
We have also added GoodWood to our link section so don’t forget to check out his portfolio there!

Kaze has also put in a great amount of work. It may all have taken quite a while but the job is done. He is also working on something special for the characters but we won’t spoil that one just yet. Everyone is certain to love it! 

That was it this time, see you all next month!