2. October 2020

What has happened in September

Different things have happened, so we will take from the top!

In the start of the month Sarr was so kind to help fix some critical bugs in HoE that made it possible to play HoE again.

A couple of days after we had a visit from PallyQle 
who had some time to help us out with the Map and Minimap
after a few tests he finally got that section working.

So we can finally say that we have a proper Map and Minimap working for both teams, and also when you use “pings”, that it not only posts on the chat, but also on the map.
PallyQle also got our “Click to Move” to show properly in the game.

Sarr has been helping us out fixing some bugs
like fixing animations not working properly on the map.
That also includes some of the abilities,
that was reported for being buggy.

We were also fortunate to get a logo designer on the team.
Her name is Chibi aka Ibtihal Ouedghiri, and her job primary is to help us with the HoE – logo.
If things goes well then we also hope that she would be able to help us out
on some other stuff we are missing here and there.

And for those who would be interested in her work, we added Chibi to our link section.
Miscni also stumbled over a really good Level-designer,
his name is Dragonhill, and his job is mainly for helping us out fixing our maps, but also giving us some suggestions on what we can do better.
We are all really happy to have him on the team.

Lotd, Sally and Miscni has been working hard to get certain things working on the HoE website, but we are still missing some stuff here and there.
One of the things we are missing are our poses for the website,
which we have Kazé to help us out with.

Although certain things take time we are getting there!
Kazé’s job is to help with some good renders for our characters.
We are glad having him on the team, and are looking forward
to see his finished work that should be ready in October.

That was it, for now
Zee yaa all next month.