1. September 2020

What has happened in August

Things has been going a little slow this month, so we decided to make a different type of blog post, and try helping some of those people, who has been helping and supporting us

Also in the start of the month, Miscni was sent to the northern area of Denmark, because traditionally Vivanox has donated a computer every year for the past 3 years, this year it was being delivered to a person that really was in need for it. Person’s name is Jan Brun, and he has not had a computer for almost 1 ½ year.

Miscni was only up there for about an hour, the trip up there and back again was almost 7 hours in total, so it was a long trip, but it was worth every second. When Miscni arrived Jan was elated giving him a big hug. Now Jan can get started on his 3d career, and begin a new chapter in his life.

Katarina has been continuing the last changes to the HoE website design, she has been working very hard, and we are very grateful for her work. We hope to get her and Lotd’s work with the website up soon!

As some of you know, we had some help for a while, from a person called Rachaël aka Morbidity.
Morbidity has been a pivotal member of our team through the help she has given in the past couple of months, helping coordinate our team and giving advice about certain things in the realm of her expertise.

Morbidity has a lot of experience with 3D, because of her skills she has been very supportive with things that need to be done properly, we are also talking about fixing up texture, 3d model, she also had experience working with teams, and how to communicate. We can only admit, that if it hadn’t been for her, then we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we thank her so much for all the support she has been giving us. We have added her to our links section, and we can highly recommend that you all should take a look at her work.

Lotd our backend-web coder is looking for some new challenges, and since we have been working with him for the last couple of months, we found it only fair, to mention him here, and also recommend him to the rest of the world, so we have added him to our link section. We can highly recommend his work, not to mention his positive jokes and fun, that he brings to the team. Remember to check him out on our link section.

Last but not least, we have Sarr, Sarr is our Senior-programmer for HoE, but he is also looking for some new challenges, he is doing a wonderful job for the HoE project, and the way he works, can really be recommend, he gives himself 110% on each task we have been giving him.So remember to check him out on our Link section.

You all might be asking yourself, why are we doing so much for those people, that we just had mentioned above.

The answer for that is simple, we have gotten a lot of support from all these people, and a lot more from a bunch of others too, and we want to recommend them to whoever could be interested in working with them. It is not that we want to let go of these people, but being supportive and understanding, and also giving them a chance to find new opportunities. And since it is one of our policies to be helping our freelancers, we thought it would be a good idea to post it on the blog.

That was it for now

Zee yaa all next month