1. August 2020

What has happened in July

Well we have been working on different things this month. So let’s take it from the top.
As you all are aware of, that Katherina and Lotd , has been working hard to get our website up and running, not to mention making an aesthetic design.

Things are still in the works, but progress is happening.
Even Sally and Clay has been helping out with different suggestions and ideas for the website.

Our Patreon is not fully set up yet but we are gathering materials to be ready for the first month of Patrons.

We finally have some of our first concept art done and ready to put on the Patreon.
Jacob has been doing some concept art and has come through with some things that we find really good, and want to implement into our game.

And also with the work Jacob has done, has made us sure about, that we have other concepts, that we want him to do for us.

Which comes down to another rumor that has been going around lately.
Rumor has it that we have a functional client version of HoE for Linux, and yes we can confirm that we have a functional client version that works for Linux, but also works fine together with Windows also.

Miscni was working on that part for almost a week, and finally succeeded to get a working version out there for linux. Even though it had to be tweaked a little.
Thanks to Lotd, it was fairly easy and simple to get it to work on different linux distros

Many of your might ask, when are you releasing a client version for Mac.
And as things are right now, we are not focusing on a Client version for Mac.
But we can confirm that the client version we have working for Linux, should in theory work on Mac. So those of you who might wanna test that out are welcome to do so, only remember that it is not official, but it is playable.

Sarr has been working around the clock adding things into the game and patching stuff in the game. Not to mention, fixing stuff that was needed to have a more proper and smoother gameplay. As well as adding in small stuff, so it would be ready for Patreon.

Also the rumors about a discord for HoE , are true.
We have been using it for testing certain things for the game, and inviting people little by little.

That’s it for now.
Zee you all next month