1. July 2020

What has happened in June

Well different things have happened this month.

People have been asking us for a while, when Vivanox is getting their VAT number, so we can be an official company again.

Truth be told, we have not focused on that part, and what a lot of people should know is that there are a lot of indie groups out there that are more focused on their work, then actually focused on a VAT number.

For tax purposes our company is still legitimate, however due to the unfortunate circumstance that our previous CEO had to step down, our current NDAs had evolved into a gentleman’s agreement, and we are lucky enough to have such wonderful people on our team to keep their side of the NDA.

Also Sarr has been working hard on some extra stuff for the game, some of the extra things that he is adding in, are taking some time, but it is getting along really well. Most of the work Sarr is fixing up, is to make the game more prepared for Patreon.

Yes everyone, you heard right, we did say Patreon. We are planning on Patreon, and to do that, we want the game to be playable, so people can play it, and also give us feedback, so we can say, in the near future we are moving to Patreon. But not until we get the last things done on HoE.

We also got a “Digital Media” Artist on the team, her name is Ekaterina, her job is going to help us make a proper design for our HoE website, we are all excited with the ideas she has, and are looking forward to working with her. And of course we have added Ekaterina to our link section, so remember to check out her work!

Also we have Kaze and Marshall around helping us with some props and characters, and both of them have been doing a really nice job. We always have a lot of fun. When working with those two, you never get bored.

We also got a concept artist on the team, his name is Jacobhinds, he has been helping draw some concept art for HoE, and we are all very excited to have him on the team, as well as the work he will be doing for us will end up on the website that Ekaterina is designing. To see more of his work. And we added him to our link section, so remember to check out his work.

That was it for now
Zee yaa all next month