31. May 2020

What has happened in May

Things have been going well since the start of this month, we started our daily testing of the game itself.

That means we are focused on the gameplay. And ofcourse the gameplay needs some tweaking here and there, but it is getting better day by day.

So we have (16 characters play-ready, a training level, also people can host games and join games).

Also it has been decided at Vivanox that we are doing a name change for our game, so our game is now called “Heralds of Eternity” , we all thought it would be a good idea. Not to mention, it sounds more catchy.

And that led to that we had to contact Fblah.
Fblah has been helping us out in the past, with some tricky stuff for our options system, so when Miscni got in contact with him, and asked if he had some time to lend us a hand, he accepted ofcourse.
Having Fblah around was fun, and we have missed him a lot, even though his time with us was short, we do appreciate all his help.

Which some of you might have noticed, that we have an extra person with us. Her name is Jacqueline Chambers , she is helping Vivanox with our Instagram, Twitter, and ofcourse doing 3D and code-work.

We are all very happy to have her on the team, also don’t forget to check out her artstation.

We also got in contact with lotd, our main web-programmer for our game website, he has been working intensively with a new design.

Sarr has been working a lot of hours. He has been fixing different bugs and issues with the game.
But that does not mean that we are over that phase yet, because we are far from that. We are still updating our game, with new fixes, and testing stuff.

You might ask, how is the game progressing.
We have been tweaking the characters for HoE in different Game Views, and it has been a tricky task, which it still is, but we are getting closer and closer each time.

Also we are working on some new concept ideas, so things match better with each other. Hopefully we would have some luck, to show you all some of the concepts in the near future.

That was it for now

Zee yaa all next month