1. May 2020

What has happened in April

We have had a lot of thing happening in April.

Miscni got in touch with a person called Asaku (aka Bugi Alexandru Bogdan).
Asaku showed interest in the HoC project; he offered to clean up our Skull_Cane and make a special sword for us.
Not to mention, Asaku has also made a new chainsaw for Mr.Bobble, shown below.

As Asaku is doing a wonderful job helping us, we do hope in the future he might want to continue working on other HoC models.
We added Asaku’s ArtStation in the link section, we recommend to check him out.

Miscni also discovered Marshall (aka Miroslav Baev), from Open VFX: The Blender discord, when he was participating in a contest.
Marshall was told, what HoC was about, and also what tasks Vivanox would want him to do.

Mainly the “Dungeon Level”, which we sent to him so he could remake and look fancy again. But at the same time, we did have a couple of other weapon props, that needed to be renewed.
We have been really happy with Marshall’s work, and are looking forward to seeing the fix for Dungeon Level.
We also added Marshall’s ArtStation to our link section, check him out as well.

While Miscni was at the Open VFX: The Blender discord, a user named Niko (aka Guillaume Bolis), started to show off his ArtStation, and in a short while Miscni and him started talking about Niko’s weapons, shortly they came to an agreement, and Niko sent Vivanox a special weapon, and also Miscni gave Niko a couple of ideas for some new weapons. Niko is a really down to earth kind of guy, does a wonderful job with 3D, and of course we have added him to our link section. We do recommend checking him out.

People has been asking us, what Kaze is doing.
Kaze has been working on our hair for all the characters, and he has been doing wonderful job. Besides improving on the hair models, he also has started to do weight-painting and rigging for our characters.
Also you all have to remember, that working with Daz models is not an easy task, not everyone can do that, but the work he has done with our Daz models has been really exceptional. We never get bored when Kaze is around. Don’t forgot to check out his Instagram in the link section.

Thanks to a user called SallyTrivone, that recommend a user called NeekoNiko (aka Nicholas Alexander) has been working on a special robot for about 2 months. After watching his work with the robot on LiveStream, more than once of course, we started to take a liking to that robot. We at Vivanox decided we wanted it in HoC and got in contact with NeekoNiko.
Of course we did have some questions regarding the Robot, but everything we asked for, was acceptable, and we came an arrangement that benefited both parties. We also add NeekoNiko ArtStation to our link section, so don’t forget to check him out.

Sarr from Feral Computing has been working long hours, on the HoC project, of course Miscni has been around to pitch in, when there was need for it, and also when he had the time for it.
Because of all the hard work Sarr has done, he has made it possible for the team, to start testing the game on a small scale. A lot of tweaking is needed, but it is playable. We do really appreciate all the hard work, Sarr has put into this, we couldn’t have done it, without you.

Well that is it for now
Zee yaa all next month