31. March 2020

What has happened in March

As some of you may recall, a while back we had a programmer helping us out that actually did a fair amount of good work… or so we thought. Turns out that work was done rather poorly. Normally when you write code, you would include comments on everything the needs any sort of explanation including why it worked the it did and where else it may be used. Even though everything was working pretty well, we were in the end, forced to re-code everything from the beginning as the aforementioned programmer did not want have a sit-down to go over everything and provide explanations.

Now Sarr is joining the team to help out. It was decided that it would be cheaper to rebuild the whole thing for the fourth time. It’s very nice to have Him around again, He is always fun and professional. We only wish he was around for longer. Thanks for coming to the rescue once again mate! Don’t forgot to check out Sarr it the links section!

Last month we reported that Slak was working for us but sadly it didn’t turn out as we hoped. So we had to let him go. We do hope and wish the best for you Slak.

Not long after Slak left, we met Kaze. We Asked he if was up to the task of doing all of the hair for each of our characters. He was very much up to it and has shown great work so far. He is of course far from finished but that’s fine because we like working with him. Welcome to the team mate!

Sanji Himura, Lord Crocosquirrel and a third person called Mellow_Online1, has been giving a lot of valuable advise and constructive criticism to Miscni which was taken to heart and changes we subsequently made based on the input. We also received a lot of good suggestions on how to make a proper Kickstarter campaign. Miscni also got an invite to do a podcast interview with Sanji Himura on twitch. We have added his Twitch in the link section.

The podcast was more about how Vivanox’s policies are very different from other Indie-company/ Triple-A policies. We discussed how hard it is to be an Indie company with a low monthly budget. Many different things were discussed including the game it’s self, how we engage with our freelancers, etc. We received and couple great pointers on how to guard ourselves against scammers. Thanks for that!

The podcast video can be found on Youtube.

Pallyqle has also been around doing his usual good work and fixing up various annoyances. He always does good work and pleasing to be around.

During the final week of last most, we came into contact with a very skilled 3d artist and animator by the name of Soso. He is working to fix up one of the creature models and fine-tuning the armature weights, texturing and various other things within his skill set. Happy to welcome you mate!

Do remember to check Soso’s Instragram page in the link section!

That is all for now.
See you all next month!