1. February 2020

What has happened in January

In the start of January we had Fblah from Studiostry over to lend us a hand with some of our settings mechanics.

We had some small problems here and there, that needed to be look at.
And thanks to Fblah we got those things fixed.
We had a lot of fun working with Fblah, and as he know, our doors will always be open for him.

A couple of days after working with Fblah, we had the opportunity, to work with Sarr from Feral Computing.
Sarr has been helping us out, solving some more problematic issues with the UI mechanics.
It has lead to, that we needed to rearrange some of our codes, to make the Lobby section more stable, which is coming along very nicely.

In the meantime, while we were working with Sarr, we had our new characters fixed up and made ready, by a Generalist called Underswitch.
Underswitch was nice enough, to work on all the characters.
Sadly we don’t have a link to Underswith’s website yet, but we have been promised to get one from him soon.

We mainly focused on the characters and their standard cloths.
That means we have new characters running around in the game, but without any hair.
You might be asking (why isn’t there any hair on the characters?)

Main reason for, why we haven’t added the hair, to our characters yet, is because of the insane high polycount, the hair has right now, and some of you might say, that cant be that bad, but it really is.

As the hair for our characters are right now, is around 120k-280k polycount for hair, and that is overkill for a standard computer to play with., it will get done, but for the time being, it is something that is being put on hold, until we find a proper artist, that knows how to do hair cards, and retopologize the hair, to a lower amount of polycounts.

Last but not least, we had Clay from Wicked Trends coming over, to lend a hand with our Level. He helped us fixing up our level.
We are talking about rebuilding the whole stadium map for the level.

Clay has done wonderful job with the level, not to mention hanging out with him is always a pleasure. You will never get bored, when you around Clay, and that is a fact.

That is all for now
Zee yaa all next month.