1. January 2020

What has happened in December

As we explained in our last blog, we have worked on our Landscapes and Environments, and that has lead us to focus only on 1 level.

Reason for only focusing on 1 level is very simple, we want to have this game released.
And because of that, we decided to focus on 1 level only.

We do have other levels if it is needed, but as it is, we only focus on that on specific level for now.

But to get Heralds of Cosmos released, we need funding, and we have also had some talks with a privat investor, but that didn’t work either.

Therefore we have been suggested by people all over, that we should consider patreon and kickstarter.

Vivanox has never been keen of the idea, to use kickstarter or patreon,
reason for this, is that we do not want people, that will support us, to feel let down, for whatever reason.

We have certain policies that we stand by, and it has not always been easy, but we have managed and gotten things done, the best way we could, and with low funding, things just take longer to finish.

But we do have some good news, we got Sarr back for a little while, to help us out with some stuff.
All are very glad to have Sarr back, he has been missed a lot, but we sure are glad to see him on the team, even though it is only for short while.

Also lets not forget that we have only had 2 and half week of work, on the HOC here in december, because of vacation and Christimas, not to mention New Years.

But we will not give up, and we will not bow down, we will keep fighting, until we have the game released.
We wish everyone out there a really happy New Year.

That was it for now.

Zee yaa all in next moth.