1. December 2019

What has happen in November

We started to work on our Landscape and Environment for each of our levels. Short while after we got started, we found a really helpful artist called Arianna.

We had one of our Environment scenes ready for a while, we had the polycount reduced, afterwards we send it over to Arianna, so she could add textures, and double check the whole thing, just to see if we had ourself, had overlook anything.

After a couple of days, Arianna send us back the Environment “Poseidon” , and the result was really good.
Those of you, who want to have look at it, can see the finished result on Arianna’s Artstation here.

Of course we have added Arianna to our link section too and because she is very professional with her work and communication, we would gladly recommend her.

We have been in contact with various Character-artists , that knows how to do weight-painting, rigging and animation, not to mention re-sculpting.
We really want our “prototype characters” cleaned up, and look better.
But the truth is, that as things are right now, we just cannot afford it.

We have to prioritise funds each month, and paying someone to do character overhauling is just not within our budget.
We know that our characters could look better and perform better, but that’s not going to happen with our current funding.

So when we open up for testing HOC, that it would be as is, and then over time , we will get the characters cleaned up and fixed.
Some of the artists, we have had contact with, are the kind of people we want to work with.

We have been in contact with Kobi , since he is back on the freelance, there are some good opportunities to get some really high quality work done by him. As always we highly recommend his work.
So Remember to check his artstation, you can find that in our link section.

Zee yaa all in next month.