1. November 2019

What has happen in October

We had a rough month, but we did manage to get some things done, it might not sound like much, but then again, we had high hopes, to reach certain goals for this month, and we did reach it.

We started fixing up our webservers, and gameservers, and as some of you might have noticed, we posted on facebook, that we took the servers offline, to get them fixed.

Our focus has mainly been webserver, and our gameservers.
We did not, want to set up our emailservers, because we have other plans on that area.

After completing maintenance on our servers, we started to focus on the UI for our Lobby section, and for our ingame.

It took us around 2 weeks to get that done, and then afterwards we were put on hold, because as you might recall from last month, we lost a really good C++ coder.

So because we are missing a coder, it gave us some room, to focus on other areas. Sadly we cannot go into detail about that, because that is still a secret for now.

In the end of October, we finally found a C++ coder, that could help us out.
And some small updates/fixes has already been implemented in the C++ area.

So hopefully we should have more to tell you all in next month.

That was it, for this time.

Zee yaa all next month