1. October 2019

What has happen in September

Sadly things did not go, as we expected.
About a week into the month, we sadly had to say goodbye to Chibitybibityba ,
Chibitybibityba had gotten a better offer, and of course us from Vivanox, understand that.
We hope and wish Chibitybibityba the best, We hope to see you again.
So sadly enough, we have not yet, gotten anything done on the code section,
but we have tons of other things that, needs to be polished and ready.

A couple of days later, other freelancers that we know, lent a hand in fixing more of the 3D design , and some small coding fixes here and there.

We from Vivanox are really grateful, that you guys could spare some time, to fix up some stuff.
Thank you all for that.

Well, in the middle of the month we started to talk with “Wickedtrends”.
We also had some work done from them, but in all we all had a fun time together.
Really nice see you all again peeps,
And don’t forget to check them out in the link section.

We also had an unscheduled visit from a Danish company called IT-Trends.
The whole thing, was more like, that we needed an extra keyboard, and we ordered one.
And instead of shipping it to us, IT-Trends came out personally, to see what we are working on at Vivanox.
We all had a great time.
We do hope, to hear and see more of you in the future.
Also if any of you out there, should be interested in, some good gaming computer products, that has been refurbished.
We would recommend you, to get it from IT-Trends.
Of course we have added IT-Trends in our links

Well that was it for now.
Zee yaa all next month.