2. July 2019

What has happen in June

As you know, we have Pallyqle working on HOC.
Things are progressing nicely, but for a few snags and bugs along the way.
It’s mainly small things, but those are typically the trickiest to work out.

However getting stuck is good thing, because it gives us a chance, to review what we have made

in the past, and see if there is room for improvements.

We also have started working with Studiostry, on a small side project, that both companies think,

could be a fun small game to play.
So the Vivanox Team, is divided into 2 teams.

1 team for our HOC project, and the other team, working with Studiostry.

Of course we cannot get into details about the game, but we can say this much; It is fun to work,

with another indie company, that has the same visions as Vivanox.

Also remember, that we are still looking for people, that might want to join our team, so if you think, you are one of those people, please do contact us.

To wrap this mounth up, we have a shout out to Sandberg: Thank you so much for the 2 news chairs that you sent us!
We are working on review, and we’ll post it as soon as we can.

That was it for this time

Zee yaa all next month