1. June 2019

What has happen in May

Well as you know from our last blog, we got PallyQle back on the team. Things has really started to change, and get better.

What our focus is the next couple of months, is to try, getting HOC on Patreon. We do have couple of other ideas, but to be on the safe side, we just taking one step at the time, no reason to rush things.

We are getting closer and closer to our goal, so we can let you guys in, to play the game, and hopefully more, over time.

Vivanox has also been making some new acquaintance, a studio called Studiostry.

Studiostry are working on a game, that Vivanox found very interesting.
But also the Studiostry focus a lot on opensource like we do.

One of the things, Studiostry works with, are Manuelbastioni.
Manualbastioni is a Character Creator addon for Blender.

It has a lot of poteniel, and with the work Studiostry are putting into it, andcombining it with Unreal Engine 4, it has sparked a keen interest.

Studiostry has also been doing some work, for us here and there in this month, and we can highly recommend their work.
They are very helpful.

We have added a link to Studiostry, in the links section, so head over there and have a look.

That is it for this time.
Zee yaa all next month