30. April 2019

What has happen in April

We have been working on different things this past month.

And as many of you, are aware of, Riggers/WeightPainters/Animators are not cheap, and can be very expensive. Also why we are trying to make a good deal, which would benefit both parties.

We were also approached by some other people, that suggested we look at Character Creater 3 with some pipelines included from Reallusion.
The offers from Reallusion is very fair, but we don’t have time or manpower to start learning some new software.

As some of you know, we were negotiating with Jackie last month, now we can annouce, that we have Jackie as one of newest team-members.

We are very happy, to have Jackie with us, since she came highly recommend, and the work, suggestions she has been giving us, has been very helpful.
Looking forward to more work with her.

Also the rumor there was the last couple of days, about Pallyqle coming back, is also true.
Pallyqle will start in the beginning of May, but he will only be on the team for a short while, but he will be helping us out with some things here and there.
Everyone from Vivanox is happy to see Pallyqle again, and looking forward to be working side by side with him.

Last thing we have on our agenda, that over the next couple of months, we will start cleaning up the Vivanox website, that means , some things from the link section and credit section, will be cleaned up, simpely put. Vivanox will ”not” link or credit people, that hasn’t shown their worth.

Thats it for this time
Zee yaa all next month