31. March 2019

What has happen in March

Well different things have happened in march, and we cannot say, it has been a good month.
We have been on a stand still, which had hurt morale too much.

This means, that we have been trying to have certain meetings,
with different people, but one thing has lead to another,
that most of those meetings, has been postponed each time.

It is a sad thing, but when things like this, happens more the once,
over a couple of times in one month,
then it sadly hurts the morale on the team.
Which lead to some drastic decisions, to save morale for the team.

That means, we have all on the team,
been on standby, and waiting on certain people.
Without those certain people, we have not been able to get forward.

The more you have to wait on other people,
and not hearing anything back,
or not getting any response back, has hurt morale.
We had put to much faith, in those people, so it has been decided,
that we are going to move forward, without them.

It has sadly lead to, that we had to say goodbye to Cibravo our character designer/animator,
we surely hope and wish the best for him.
This means, that we are looking for a new Character Designer/Animator.

Meanwhile all of these different things have happened,
we have been in contact with a person called Jackie.
Jackie’s skillset is (C++ , and some other stuff to of course ) ,
but much more than that, we cannot say at this time,
mainly there are still on going negotiations.

We had hoped, to tell you some cool things, about HOC etc, but that has to wait,
until next month, atleast we hope.

So this was it for now.

Zee yaa all next month