28. February 2019

What has happened in February

Alot has happened in February, so we will take it from the top.

First and foremost , EvilAngel our Boss,
has visited a new reenactment and LARP supply store in ”Holstebro, Denmark” called Artefakten.

Also he has slightly promoted the game at a Convention called Fimbul-Con, which was also located in Holstebro.
But the main reason he also was out there, was to see, if he could find some people, that were interested in,
to help Vivanox out, with some story writting for Heralds of Cosmos, what we know is,
that people did show interest in what we are doing, so we did succeeded on that part.

Sadly we have to announce ImmutableLambda’s departure from the freelance team, due to a job offer at a games studio.
And truth be told, if any of us, had gotten that same offer, we would propably have done the same thing.
We have learned alot from Immu, even though it has been struggling times here and there,
he always been patient and supportive for the rest of the team.
We really hope and wish him the best, and also let it be known,
that we always have a place for him here, if he should decide to ever come back.

Miscni have been in a dialog with Meow098.
And that has resulted in an arrangement, that Meow098 would start looking over the characters for HOC.
This includes ”Weight_painting” , retargeting and fixing up animations.
All of this, is going to be done Live-stream, main reason is, that Meow098 likes to show his work,
and us from Vivanox respect that, and really wanna support it.
For those who are curious about Meow098, can check out his link Live-Streams here : https://picarto.tv/Meow098
So each time Meow098 starts a live stream, then it will be shared on Vivanox (Facebook and Twitter).

Kobi has returned to help out, with some special project, that is related to HOC
We cannot go into details, but we can say this much,
that we are going to see more to Kobi, the next couple of months.

Well that is it for now
Zee yaa all next month.