1. February 2019

What has happen in January

Well Januray has been a very exciting month, but we haven’t reached our expected goal for the month.

We have been working around the clock, to get everything done and ready, but sadly there are still things, that needs tweaking.

So some of you may ask. What is working in HOC?. So we have made a little list, that should cover some things.

3 different playable levels.
2 Teams
14 Different characters to play.
Abilities and basic functions are working.
Map and Minimap working.
Spectator working.

So what we just wrote above, has been our main focus since our transition to C++ .

Although we are still not done, we are missing bits and pieces
We promised you, the community 16 players, so that means we are still mixing 2, but if we overlook those 2, then the game itself is pretty decent.

Quiestion about whether, we are going to change the style on HOC, can be answered with ”yes, we are”, but it is a very long way to go, specially when you see, that we have been using MOBA alike style, also called Toonish, but the plan is to change it to PBR.

Also we mention ,that you’ll want to keep an eye on our facebook, because we are planning to show of some of the stuff there.

Well that is it for now.

Zee ya all next month