1. November 2018

What has happen in October

Different things has happen, that has lead us, to make some hard decisions,
for the next couple of months.

We have been lucky, to get a Generalist on our team, who is called Rei.
So we bid a huge welcome to Rei

Rei has been looking over certain things about Heralds of Cosmos,
and that has lead to, that we are working on one section at the time.

This means that, MANY changes are going to happen. But it is all for the better.
We cannot go into specific details, but things are being fixed for the better.

This also does, that HOC are being delayed for a couple of months.
While this is happening, we also are having Cibravo, helping us out with certain stuff,
and as you may recall, from a one of our older blogs, Cibravo are specialising in 3D.

So in short, our Facebook page and website, for Heralds of Cosmos, are put on hold for now.

We know, that is not what many of you would have hope to read,
but us from Vivanox, would rather have, that the game we wanna release, should work properly.

We are sorry for the short blog this month.

That is it for now.

See you all next month