1. October 2018

What has happen in September

PalllyQle has been working hard, on certain things of the game, most of their work,
has been cleaning up code, fixing important bugs.
Miscni made a couple of mistakes, that lead to PallyQle taking over, and fixing them.

The reason for this is, that we have already made it possible, to get access to out Alpha build.
Who gets access to the Alpha build, that is a different story,
but it does help to apply for it, here on vivanox.com

Vivanox got contacted by a artist called DragonSculptor.
DragonSculptor wanted to make us a character for Heralds of Cosmos.
We have seen a couple of pictures, that DragonSculptor has made,
but since it is not fully done, then we won’t post it just yet.

Also [CC] – Kobi and Miscni have been working on the stadium for Heralds of Cosmos,
and that has been a lot of work.
Mainly the prototyping that we are using, are giving us a lot of Uvs on top of each other,
so that section has to be cleaned up first, which is very time consuming.

We are hoping that we can start some Live Streaming of this in the near future,
so you can have the chance to interact with us,
but also come with suggestions/ideas that we might have overlooked.

Also as some of you have noticed, we have removed certain links in the contact section.
This is because we simply lack the man-power of being all the places at once,
so it was decided only to focus on Facebook, Twitter and Linkdin.

Reason for why discord has been removed,
is also that all access is being directed to a new discord server,
that is specific for Heralds of Cosmos.

We are still very much behind in getting the website up and running,
and we are still looking for somebody, that are willing to give it a try,
but we are also aware of, that the work of the website for Heralds of Cosmos is a very hard task,
and those who had shown interest to help us, with a website build, figured out pretty fast,
that the task was very hard, and not as simple as they thought.

Sadly we dont have any ETA on when, we are putting this here on Kickstarter, but it is being worked on.

That was it for now.

See you all next month