1. September 2018

What happen in August

A few thing have happened and it’s quite a story. Lets take it from the top.

A couple of months ago, a little boy had saved up money to get his first computer.
He wanted it for some gaming and to use for school.
On Blackfriday he went out together with his mother to get his new laptop.
Sadly enough, this boy was so unlucky that he spilled Cola on his computer and as a result, ceased to function.

Warrenty on the computer was voided because the damage was a result of user error.
Because of this he could not game with his friends anymore.
He was ofcourse sad and even angry about this as he has worked so hard to save up the money.

The saddening story was posted by his mother on Facebook.
We at Vivanox saw this post and read the whole story.
We decided that we shoud do something about it… to help this poor kid.

We thought that a little fundraising had to be done so this lille kid could be happy again and play with his friends.
It did take a little while but Vivanox pulled through and instead of a laptop,
Vivanox got the little boy a Dekstop computer with al the bells and whistles including a monitor,
keyboard, mouse and even a headset so he can talk with his friends.

So in the start of the August, Miscni went on a little roadtrip to deliver this computer.
Just a few days after Miscni had delivered the computer,
Vivanox received a email from the boys mother and here is what she wrote:

“Me and my son are so thankful for your donation.
My son is smiling again after receiving his computer and headset.
He is playing with his friends again and is even not eating so much because he has something to do and other children to play with.

So we are very thankful for your donation and for the work and effort that Vivanox put in this project to help my son. ”

Ofcourse us from Vivanox were so happy to hear, that the boy was happy and could play games with his friends again. It warms the heart.

In relation to game developement, we have mostly been doign bug fixes,
modifying collisions, tweaking particle effects, etc.
Things are lookging good as more thing get added in.

Thats it for now

See you all next month