31. July 2018

What happen in July

First and formost we bid welcome to K’Raz.
He is a very talented with Video editing and sound effects.
He saw what we are working with and thought it could be fun to lend a hand.

The rumors that Tjoepapke has returned are true. 🙂
As you may recall, a couple of months ago Tjoepapke asked for some time off.
But we are very happy to see him back in the saddle.
So here is a huge WELCOME BACK to you mate. Keep up the good work 🙂

SandraSketches made some new textures for our game and they look great!
For those who are curious about her works, you can check out the links.
We are planning to have her do other work in the near future,
however some things will take longer than we would like.

We had Clay from Wicked Trends helping us out to fix one important 3D-Prop (Holy Urn).
The main reason for the fix was that the polycount was WAY to high.
We have needed to do cleanups on the project and it was very important to get that one fixed ASAP.
We are very greatful for Clay’s work.

Cibravo also sent us the last update for our characters.
What he has given us is a special variation for the characters.

Cibravo’s wonderful work was moved over to our ”Hand-painted Artist” Iced_Latted,
who is working on something special for all the characters. That is still a secret for now.
What we can say that things are looking better and better everyday.

PallyQle has also made some changes to the project.
Again we cannot go into specifics, but it a fix that is for the better of the game.

Our PR department has finally setup a Linkdin profile. Currently it is using our old logo.
Sorry if that has caused any confusion. It should been showing the wonderful work Larvantholos did on our new logo.

We are working on many things at once and trying to keep everything in order. Some things just slip through the cracks.

Sadly, Vivanox Admin has not been reachable by phone.
The reason for this is that almost everybody on Vivanox Administration has been on vacation,
and forgot to make certain changes that would enable communication.
We are very sorry and will try to avoid erros like this in the future.

That is it for this month